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Bubble Bath II User Guide | Online Help

Bubble Bath II is simple to play. People find it fun because of its ambience and flow, not because of its complexity.

Gameplay explained

Remember how in some classic arcade games you need to line up things falling down into shapes? Well, in Bubble Bath II it is the opposite. You need to arrange bubbles of the same color coming up from a moving nozzle into specific patterns. Everything floats up ... until you run out of space. Then the game is over and you can compare your score to that of the great and famous.

How to play the game

Special bubbles

Not all bubbles are created equal. Some will be soo good that you will squirm from joy. Others are plain bad, and will make you groan upon showing up. Then there are some about which the jury is undecided... Special bubbles also bring big score bonuses when popped up.

Special bubbles in the game make it fun and exciting to play

Strategy and tips

Keep an eye on the shape indicator on the left. The shape you must match will most often change when you move to the next level. Also, some levels have two or more shapes that can be matched. In this case, they will flash alternatively in the indicator.

You can pause the game at any time to plan and see opportunities. Otherwise, you have 2-3 seconds to move a bubble before it leaves the nozzle. Use the mouse to move the nozzle rather than the arrows. Right-click to send a bubble up if you are ready.

Take advantage of all the bonuses. An extra life will allow you to destroy half of the bubbles in a full column. Pop "bad" bubbles - it will do you good. And remember - every fifth level is special.

As you advance in level, Bubble Bath will become more challenging. But if you plan ahead on how you lay your bubbles, you will do just fine!

Options and Customization

Besides the common audiovisual settings, the game has three difficulty settings. Find the one that is right for you.

Bubble Bath game options

If none of these options does it for you, you can customize your own game session by clicking on "Custom". This brings up a panel where you can configure how the game plays:

You can customize all the cool game play properties

Bubble Bath II has been around for a while, and still remains very popular. We will keep improving it. We also hope that, like many other people, you will find it has the makings of an arcade classic.