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Application Guidelines: Please send us your resume / portfolio to All work is on contract, work-for-hire basis. Thank you for your interest!

  Co-Producer/Product Development Partner (1Q 2016)

We are looking for a partner developer who can ingest our existing complete match-3 game templates, and use them to co-produce new titles with us. The partner will primarily:
  • integrate assets and data into the game templates
  • modify templates, scripts, and source code to implement the desired game experience
  • generate level data and other game flow assets
  • implement, refine, and test the game to release standards
The partner may also assist with gameplay and artistic design, and help manage the work of sub-contractor artists. Coding work will be minimal since we use a mature (10+ years) engine and modular match-3 libraries that feature most elements and workflow for games in the genre.

The ideal partner will have experience in producing high-quality casual games. Our role in each project will be to (1) provide the underlying technology and code, (2) finance asset origination, and (3) place the game on the market.

  3D Modeler / Animator (1Q 2016)

Design and produce 3D geometry for our 2016 development cycle, such as characters, buildings, environment items, props...etc. The ideal person should be able to design and create 3D mesh object models, and rig and animate them in collaboration with the production team. The kind of 3D modeling tools you use is unimportant, as long as you understand the modeling peculiarities associated with generating and animating real-time 3D game content. Experience with low-poly normal-mapped models a plus.

  Graphic Artist/Illustrator (1Q 2016)

Design and produce sprites, icons, backgrounds, splash screens, layouts, textures, graphic interface components, and other necessary 2D artwork for our 2016 development cycle. Prior experience in the industry with focus on richly illustrated strategy or casual games preferred, but we are open to helping any good newcomer with an interesting portfolio.

  Android Developer (2Q 2016)

Work with our development team to port our Amity3D development toolset and select titles to the Android platform. The ideal person has experience in building Android games, as well as good general knowledge of rendering, sound reproduction, and asset management on mobile platforms.

  C# Developer (2Q 2016)

Work with our development team to port portions of Amity3D development toolset and select titles to XBox and managed mobile Windows platforms. The ideal person has experience in building interactive media applications with C# and good general knowledge of managed DirectX.

  Sound Producer (1Q 2016)

Work with the game development team to design and produce the sound effects, ambient audio, and soundtrack for specific titles in our 2016 development cycle. Based on experience, this work assignment may be combined with the composer job below. It requires prior experience in game audio design and production.

  Sound Producer (1Q 2016)

Deliver a cleared original soundtrack ready for game synchronization. If you have authored original electronic music that you want featured in games, or want to improvise and remix existing content, please contact us. The musical genres that fit best with the planned game development portfolio are electronica (trance, tribal, techno chill, light DnB/uptempo), ambient (chill, nature, downtempo), world music with oriental themes, and relaxing vocals. Licensing terms will be negotiated.