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Goodies and Extras Downloads for Word War III

New scenarios: Challenge your strategy gaming skills. Outwit unusual situations by exploiting terrain or specific opponent weaknesses. Wait - there are no weaknesses! In that case, rely on your economic finesse and military mastery. There is no boring path to victory in Word War III - the game offers endless ways to win.

Installing scenarios: Right-click the name or picture below, and "save-as" in an easily accessible location such as your desktop. Each scenario is a zipped archive with two files. You will need to extract and place both files in the "Games" directory within the Word War III installation path. The scenario will automatically show up on the Start New Game panel. Thank you for trying them out!

Download new game scenario: Natural Boundaries

Natural Boundaries

Difficulty: Normal

Description: An impassable river and a mountain range stands between you and your opponent. You both will need to go around to have a go at each other... or is there a sneaky shortcut?

Download new game scenario: The 500 Club

The 500 Club

Difficulty: Easy to play, very hard to win

Description: It is man versus nature on this island. Your goal is to build a settlement with at least 500 letters. Sound easy? Try and see for yourself...

Download new game scenario: Second Step Forward

Second Step Forward

Difficulty: Easy

Description: You have been appointed to take over a settlement that is fully functional but still in its early stages. Do you have what it takes to bring it to glory?

Download new game scenario: Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort

Difficulty: Normal

Description: A teleporter glitch has put your starting flags next to each other. Luckily, the nearby mountains are chock full of raw materials. This will be a mad, smart scramble as to who can corner whom out of territory and resources.

Download new game scenario: Entrenched Interests

Entrenched Interests

Difficulty: Hard. Very hard.

Description: You have stumbled upon a land of riches! Unfortunately, the pesky opposition has already settled and fortified the most promising areas of the island. They seem to have everything they need - from A to Z ... especially the latter. You will need to show creative military leadership and refined economic management to dislodge them.