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Word War III FAQ

Q: Will there be a multiplayer version of Word War III soon?

A: Creating a multiplayer version would be a major investment of time and resources. So far, most players have been satisfied with the game AI - in fact, many found it surprisingly tough to outwit. Well, given that the game creators wrote AI for real world cruise missiles, this may be a good thing. On the other hand, we know that playing against a well-matched human competitor is a lot of fun. All things considered, we anticipate that development of a multiplayer Word War III will begin in late 2013. In the meantime, we hope that the in-game AI will prove challenging enough for you.

Q: Is there an international version of Word War III in my native language?

A: We are working on releasing Spanish, French and German versions in 2013 (we are unable to announce a firm date yet). We are also working on some cool concepts on extending the game to ideogram languages such as Chinese. Because different languages have different letter frequencies and spelling rules, one cannot just plug a different word dictionary. We are committed to bringing Word War III to the broader international community and have a patent pending on its unique gameplay design. If you are a non-English speaking user, please keep in mind that Word War III has been acclaimed as a great way to improve spelling and learn English.

Q: What is the "12-Volt" edition of Word War III?

A: It is a game variant that has simpler economics, shorter gameplay, and faster pace than the Full edition available now. This game variant is designed for casual players who may not fully appreciate the economic management aspect of core strategy games. Thus, the 12-Volt edition is significantly simplified. On the other hand, it has some cool new innovations, such as power-ups that you unleash as you build upon them.

Q: What is the "Spellbound" edition of Word War III?

A: By popular demand, we are working on a variant of the full Word War III game, where magical monsters (instead of robots) build and run your settlement. The graphics, letter mappings, combat, resources, and so forth are all changed to reflect the fantasy world in which the game takes place. Overall, the gameplay depth will be comparable to that of the Full edition of Word War III. The Spellbound edition will be released in 3Q2013 under the same try/buy model as the full edition.

Q: Can I play Word War III on my tablet PC?

A: Yes, the virtual "on-screen" keyboard should be usable on most touch-screen devices such as tablet PCs. In addition, the game features an internal virtual keyboard that makes it possible to play using only the pointer and finger taps.

Q: Is there a Word War III version for my iPhone/iPad?

A: No, these platforms use a different software framework. It would take quite a lot of effort to translate the application.

Q: Is there a Word War III version for my console?

A: Not at the moment, although we are in discussions to make the game available on the X-Box.

Q: I am the administrator of a system with multiple users. How can I install the game for all of them?

A: At the moment, the installer is specifically configured to install the game privately for a single user. If you are logged in as Administrator, the game will be installed for the admin user only. We plan to keep this configuration in the future because of the UAC and virtualization "features" introduced by Vista and Windows 7. Most users do not want to be hassled by confirmation and password prompts every time they do something with the game. The single-user installer configuration allows you to play without being hassled by Windows, and does not require access to protected system areas.

Q: The game is telling me I need a magic word. What is that?

A: You can download the full game free from our web site. However, you will not be able to create settlements larger than 50 buildings unless you purchase an unlock code (the magic word). This gives you the chance to try the game and see whether you like it, before buying it. For us, it gives us a chance to reach a larger number of players, while helping those who make the games earn their livelihood.

Q: How do I get my unlock code?

A: 1) Click on the Buy button for the game you want. 2) Make a payment using the variety of options offered. 3) When your payment is completed, you will receive an email containing the unlock code. In addition to the email, you can see your unlock code immediately if you click on the "Return to the seller website" link on the payment confirmation screen.

Q: When I click on the Buy button, I am redirected to some PayPal address. What's that?

A: PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. They make it easy for small companies like us to do business online. You do not need to open a PayPal account to get your unlock code. We just use PayPal to process your payment in a manner that is much faster and more secure than smaller in-house alternatives. You also have a wider variety of options on how to pay. When your payment is completed, PayPal sends us a notification, which we use to give you your unlock code.

Q: Do I need an email address to unlock the game?

A: You do not need to be connected to the Internet to unlock the game. However, an email address is required so that we can send you the unlock code. Each code is unique to the email address where it was sent. You cannot unlock the game without a matching email address.

Q: When I get an unlock code, do I need to download and reinstall the game?

A: No - just enter the unlock code (and the email address used for purchasing it) in the game unlock dialog. This will tell the game to continue playing past the 50 building limit. You will not be bothered anymore by the unlock message after that. The free download is the full game. Unlocking the game will also open up an extensions menu which provides for additional plug-in like game functionality.

Q: I made a payment. Where is my unlock code?!?!

A: Most likely, the email containing the code is in your SPAM folder. Sometimes, mail filters will block the email or place it somewhere else than your inbox. Less often, payments using some particular currencies or methods require our manual approval. Whatever the reason, worry not - if you have not received your code within 5 minutes of making a payment, please send us a message at and we will sort out the problem. Thank You!