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Magic Haven: Escape From Imhotep

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System requirements
Magic Haven is crafted for everyone, but parts of the game are designed to challenge your skills. Here are some hints and tips to help you move forward and win:
  • Hoard your mana for the endgame.
  • Defeat imps and evil eyes first before pursuing other level goals.
  • Use the Centaur Magic Arrow spell to help drop key fragments.
  • Use the Color Burst spell to increase the number of useful pieces (e.g. arrows)
  • Open gates and break obstacles as soon as possible.
  • Build the Archery Guild which allows spells to target blockers.
  • Use the level restart option if stuck.
Still stuck? Video walkthroughs can help you with some of the more challenging levels. With this, you should be ready to face Imhotep. Have a good game!   (back...)
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