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What's Going On Here?

Game beginning screen

You and your team of robots have been dropped on a little island with a stack of supplies. Your mission is to build a settlement where each building is also a letter. The laws of nature on the island require all buildings to form interconnecting words. Each building/letter serves a specific purpose - (P) makes plastics, (S) is a solar panel, (R) makes more robots, (I) recharges them once they get exhausted ...etc.

The trouble is, there is another team of robots on your island with the same goal. How do they dare! Luckily, some buildings/letters are designed just to take care of them. To become strong and make it all work out, you will need an industry, electric power, the right mix of letters, and good timing. So, don't wait - start building your words and show them who is the boss!

You start building from the flag position onward. Perhaps the first thing to do is to replenish your supplies. This guide is designed to help you learn how. Here are some quick links:

The table of contents on the left provides direct access to additional topics such as military operations, strategy... etc. Word War III is unique in its concept and depth. Give it a try!